🔢Frequent Player Points

A program of points accumulation based on the user participation in tournaments and vaults. These points can be used for some benefits in our application.

Points Accumulation

There are two ways to accumulate points: by playing our tournaments (most common way) and making the first deposit in one of our vaults.

How to use the points

Currently, the users can use FPP with the following benefits:

  • Early Vault Withdrawal: Users can use FPP to withdraw a % of their deposits with NO PENALTY. Yes, no penalty! This is exactly what makes us a different protocol. The percentage may vary, from 1% to 15% (or even more) depending on how many accumulated points the users have. More details will be covered in the Vaults section.

  • Bullish Pools (Coming soon): Although we're still implementing this feature, we're going to introduce it briefly: Bullish pools will work as a cashback. There will be some pools of different tokens exclusively for FPP and users will be able to use their FPP's to exchange for any token in the pool.

Points Calculation

Vaults ->

New users earn up to 5 points by making a first deposit in our vaults according to the table:


1 Month

1 Point

6 Months

2 Points

12 Months

3 Points

24 Months

4 Points

48 Months

5 Points

One important rule to clarify: Only the very first deposit counts and any subsequent deposit don't accumulate additional points.

Tournaments ->

According to entry type and entry requirements, the points calculation is performed as follows:

Entry TypePoints


1 Point


10 Points

Entry RequirementsPoints


1 Point


10 Points

Let's see some examples:

  1. A user participated in a FREEROLL tournament and NO REQUIREMENTS, the calculation is 1 + 1, final points equal to 2 pts.

  2. FREEROLL and VAULT 48 MONTHS requirements, the calculation is 1 + 10, final points equal to 11 pts.

  3. PAID tournament and VAULT 48 MONTHS requirements, 10 + 10, final points 20 pts.

FPP Page

It's worth mentioning some aspects:

  • When a tournament finishes and the user has a prize to claim (qualified for a prize), the action of "Claim Prize" also collects the pending points

  • When a tournament finishes and the user does not have prize to claim (not qualified for a prize), the points need to be collected manually in the FPP page

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