Tournament Mode

For tournament mode, the user must be registered and the tournament should be flagged with LIVE status.

When the tournament status changes to LIVE, the play button is activated on the tournament page. See the following image below:

Just hit the PLAY NOW button to start the game.

In Tournament Mode, there are some pre-check requirements before the game starts, one of them requires the user action: to sign the tournament. The user signs a plain text message, which means it's only to make sure the connected wallet belongs to the signer and nothing will be spent nor transferred.

Pre-check requirements:

Usually, only the Tournament signature requires a user action, the rest are checked automatically.

This is how the signature request looks like:

For MetaMask users, it looks like this:

After signing the tournament, the user will see all the requirements done:

From now, just wait for the tournament start time and the game will open automatically at the scheduled time.

If the user rejects the signature unintentionally, the pre-check marks the requirement as an error:

Just hit the button FIX and the signature request will popup again.

IMPORTANT: In order to have better performance in the game, we strongly recommend to play it in a desktop computer. The cursor control is better when you use a conventional mouse device.

The game is compatible with all modern browsers, but we tested it exhaustively in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. We guarantee that works smoothly in these browsers.

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