Prize distribution

It's worth mentioning that, depending on the tournament and the number of registered users, the prize pool can increase limitless, as well the number of places paid. In order to maximise the user satisfaction, we've built a fair distribution here.

We won't delve into the distribution calculations (it's not the scope of this document), but we'll summarize how it works:

Basically we divide the total prize pool in 3 groups. Assuming the total prize pool is P, we organize the group as follows:

  • Group 1 = 50% of P

  • Group 2 = 30% of P

  • Group 3 = 20% of P

These percentages are not static and we may change them depending on the tournament.

After the groups division, we apply a Geometric Progression in order to generate the places paid. Each group has a different progression ratio (e.g. Group 1 ratio = 1.3, Group 2 ratio = 1.1, Group 3 ratio = 1.05). We believe this way we make a fair distribution.

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