Score and General Rules

In this section, we are going to describe the score values by slicing the objects in the game, as well the general rules about score, accumulated score, penalties, etc.

Crypto Token Objects

As we already explained, the purpose of the game is to slice the objects in the air to score. The score is calculated as follows:

By slicing the crypto objects, these values are added to the score.


When hitting two or more objects at the same time, a bonus is added to the score:

  • 2X Combo = 20 points

  • 3x Combo = 60 points

  • 4x Combo = 120 points

  • 5X Combo = 200 points

  • 6X Combo = 300 points

Bomb (Don't hit them) 😨

Try not to hit the bombs, they're harmful to your score. By hitting a bomb, your score is subtracted from 10%.

Missed Objects (Don't let them fall)

If the user misses the objects thrown in the air (they fall and vanish from the screen), the score is deducted according to the object value:

Penalties (Avoid them)

Once the game starts, play till the end and do not close nor disable the window / tab of the browser. This is the first rule to avoid penalties.

If the user closes or disables the window / tab of the browser, the game will apply penalties and deduct all the missed objects from the accumulated score at a given moment. These penalties are calculated and applied at the end of the tournament.

The game has milestones and the user needs to pass through each of them.


We already introduced them, now let's see the details. To understand how they work, an example is useful:

Given a tournament which has a duration of 1 minute. For this tournament there are 3 milestones (each of them takes place every 20 seconds). Let's simulate the user actions in a timeline:

Between 1 and 20 seconds:

At the second 20, the game will add the current Score to the Accumulated Score. So now we have Score = 83 pts and Accumulated Score = 83 pts

Between 20 and 40 seconds:

At the second 40, the game will add the current Score to the Accumulated Score. So now we have Score = 423 pts and Accumulated Score = 83 pts + 423 pts = 506 pts

Between 40 and 60 seconds:

At the end of the tournament, the game will consolidate the score of each user and, in this specific scenario, will deduct everything what the user missed between 45 and 60 seconds. Let's assume the user missed 250 pts during this period, the final user Accumulated Score will be:

506 pts - 250 pts of penalties = 256 pts

Based on this example, now it's clear how important not to miss any milestone.

Anti Scammer Protection

We all know that, in this crypto world, there are so many bad actors trying to scam something all the time. Being aware of that, we provided protections against them.

Imagine a user playing the tournament and tries to open another window in order to get double of score. The game detects such operations, closes the first window and, internally, marks the user as suspicious. If another attempt to do the same operation takes place, the user will be banned and will not be able to play tournaments anymore.

We also have many other technical security mechanisms, but it's out of scope of this document.

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