As we described in previous sections, tournaments are competitions where users play games to win prizes. For our first release, we have only one game where the tournaments take place: Crypto Razor.

We're planning to add more games in near future. Check our Roadmap for more details.

How to play Crypto Razor?

The game is very simple and easy to play, for sure most of the users already played a similar game at least once. The game has the same feature of the classic Fruit Ninja, but with Crypto Tokens instead.

It's possible to teach how to play in only one paragraph:

"The player must slice the crypto tokens thrown in the air by holding the mouse button clicked and swiping cursor towards objects or, in case of touch screen, with their finger. Be careful: Do not slice the bombs."

The game is available for practice and users can play it anytime. Main menu -> Games

IMPORTANT: In order to have better performance in the game, we strongly recommend to play it in a desktop computer. The cursor control is better when you use a conventional mouse device.

The game is compatible with all modern browsers, but we tested it exhaustively in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. We guarantee that works smoothly in these browsers.

There are two possible ways to play our games: Practice Mode and Tournament Mode

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