Vaults are designed for those who are looking for higher return of investment. With 5 options of locking period and multipliers from 2x to 96x, users can maximise their profits.


Specify the value you desire to lock and confirm.

Managing deposits

Your deposits are displayed as follows:

Just click on the (+) button to expand and manage your deposit. Depending on the Vault status, different options may appear. For instance, we've hit the 48 Months:

To deposit more, just click the "DEPOSIT MORE" button. When the user has enough FPP (Frequent Player Points), it's possible to withdraw earlier without any penalty (as we mentioned before). To proceed with earlier withdrawal, just click the "EARLY WITHDRAW" button and the following page will be shown:

Now, let's suppose we have an unlocked deposit, like the image below:

The unlocked vault displays an option to withdraw, see the example below:

To withdraw, just click the "WITHDRAW" button and confirm.

Upgrade vault

Vaults with the locking period less than 48 months have the "UPGRADE" option. It means the user can increase the locking period of the deposit. Let's see the example below:

When the deposit above is expanded:

When the "UPGRADE" button is hit, the following page is displayed:

In order to upgrade the locking period, users can choose one of the available options and confirm.

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